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Alexandra Rose - Health and Wellness Coach, CTNC

Alexandra Rose. Photo courtesy of @Burning6Media

Alexandra Rose. Photo courtesy of @Burning6Media


Building on 15 years of self-study and practice for the purpose of managing her own health issues, Alexandra finally decided it was time to complete her certification program through the Institute for Transformational Nutrition.

With a passion for helping others to become their most authentic and happy selves, and a firm belief that the body can heal itself (if given the proper tools), Alexandra is now on a journey to help as many people as possible feel Body Awesome. With a decidedly holistic approach, she employs a threefold Mind, Body, Spirit path to healthcare. If you are looking for practical advice and guidance towards a better, healthier you, then contact Holistic Rose Wellness today and speak with Alexandra directly to set up a free consultation and start your own journey to beautiful wellness.