Holistic Rose Wellness

Alexandra Rose - Health and Wellness Coach, CTNC

Alexandra Rose. Photo Courtesy of @Burning6Media

Alexandra Rose. Photo Courtesy of @Burning6Media


List Of Services:

Individual, Couple and Family Health and Wellness coaching - In today's world it can be confusing to sort out the healthy from the unhealthy. I give individuals, couples and families practical guidance and coaching to navigate these questions that arise on a daily basis. If you, your partner, and/or your children are looking to lose weight, or just wish to be healthier in general, then this service is for you. Great specials offered with packages. Contact us to set up a free consultation and to discuss pricing.


Health and Wellness Coaching for Illness - Dealing with illness can be difficult for anyone. Proper support and guidance in combination with your health care regimen can do wonders in helping to manage symptoms and reignite your spirit of hopefulness in the face of illness. My goal is to take away the stress of trying to determine what to eat and how to manage symptoms when you are sick. Whether your illness is temporary or chronic, I will work with you to create an easy-to-follow plan and provide support through coaching. Contact us to set up a free consultation and discuss pricing.


Kitchen assessments - Sometimes the biggest obstacle while on the path towards better health is the kitchen itself. Do you have cans and boxes of processed food piled high in your pantry? Are you unfamiliar with what a healthy kitchen looks like? Are you looking to change things to prepare yourself for a new health and wellness plan? Then this service can definitely help. Offered individually or with coaching services. Contact us for pricing.


Grocery Store Tours - When you look into your grocery cart, what do you see? What should you see? I can help you navigate your local grocery store when embarking on your new health and wellness plan. I will show you how to shop effectively so that you aren't distracted by sales and low-quality food. I will show you what a clean and healthy grocery cart should look like. Offered individually or with coaching services. Contact us for pricing.


Skype Sessions - This is a fun service I offer for my remote clients, travelers, and those "prefer to stay at home" people. If you don't want to miss an appointment for any reason, this service is interchangeable with regular coaching sessions. Offered with coaching services.


Ionic Foot bath - Everyone is exposed to toxins on a regular basis. It is nearly unavoidable. And some of these toxins collect in the body and cause complications to health and wellness. An ionic foot bath is an excellent add-on service to regular nutrition clients or an individual service for people looking for a safe and effective way to remove toxins from the body. For more information on ionic foot baths click HERE.


Guided Meditation Services - Would you like to find a calmer place within yourself? Do you need to learn how to unwind from a stressful day? Are you just completely unfamiliar with how to meditate or what the benefits are? Guided meditation services are offered to individuals or groups. This can also be an add on to nutrition coaching services. Contact us for pricing.